Additional Services

Check-In  (£45 to £75) 

Not charged if on same visit as inventory

At a Check-in, we will inspect the property and compare it to the inventory. Any variations will be noted, and the tenant will be able to add any marginal notes. The amended inventory will be either emailed over by the agent or by the inventory clerk once all new photographs have been embedded and additional findings have been noted. In order to authenticate the inventory, it must be signed by both the Tenant and Landlord or their representatives at the time of the check in.

Check-Out  (£45 to £75)

Reports the differences between the condition of the property from check-in to check-out. i.e. Wear or damage that can be attributed to the current tenant(s). This service gives an impartial, industry expert estimate for tenant dilapidations. It can be taken as a guide or passed straight to the landlord and tenant parties and can carry a lot of weight in resolving deposit returns and save much valuable time for agents. The Check Out report is the basis for most claims made by landlords. A claim is most often viewed more favourably if compiled by an independent and unbiased party such as Inventory Plus, particularly by the My Deposits scheme.

Property Management Visits 

From £45 per visit

By our in-house maintenance services team that provides a seamless service that can act quickly to resolve any issues that may arise. These can either be a regular service throughout a tenancy, a one off as you have concerns or over a period of a few months if you are unable to carry them out.


Landlord costed condition reports 

Not charged if on same visit as inventory or check out.

To help landlords maintain properties to a standard expected by tenants and ensure the property is compliant with current standards.


As part of our service and to help us build a reputation for being the best at what we do we also provide . . .